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Simple Body Oil Recipe

I was out of body lotion and lately have had thoughts about the ingredients* of moisturizers and other skin products. Also the prices of lotion are just noticeably high, imo. And the plastic waste - - Anxiety.. a flush of - - I have got to take a shower & moisturize, I am out of lotion, I am weary of lotion, should I try a new lotion.... what do I do? I cook with olive oil a lot - - this olive oil actually >

We typically have a container on our countertop with an olive oil & minced garlic sauce. It is a staple in our house. We use it as a salad dressing, great for dipping, great for a pasta refresh if you are warming up.. anyways..

So I thought I could infuse good skin stuff that I had on hand with the olive oil - the same way I would make our sauce.

I had a lemon that needed to be used and some green tea. Wallah.

A 3 ingredient body oil that brightens and moisturizes your skin. And I felt good about it.

In my recipe card I suggest a few essential oil scents you could put in that are also have skin benefits.

Recipe Card | Simple Body Oil

Let me know in the comments if you have any other recipes like these - made at home, simple and for the skin!

I am going to try a grape seed oil blend next for the face! Let y'all know how it goes. I know everyone's skin is different - - I have pretty sensitive skin so I won't post about it until I've used it for a bit to see if my skin approves!

Thanks for reading!



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