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Manifest Your Dream Life with Pen & Paper

I am here to tell you that manifesting through journaling works! Your thoughts & visions from pen to paper will breathe life into your dreams and propel you towards achieving your goals.

I was able to do this by getting clear with my intentions and a vision for my life. Reimagining my success.

What you need:

I like to set a little ritual around it. Of course this is not necessary but I will share anyways. I will have my journal and pen accompanied with a hot tea if it’s evening/night or an americano with cinnamon in the morning. I will sit with my journal and my thoughts in different places around the house or outside to see what feels the clearest when channeling.

Here is how I did it:

  1. Gratitude: Start with expressing gratitude for the things you already have in your life. Radiating this positive energy can help you attract more of what you want.

  2. Positive Affirmations: Write down positive affirmations as if they have taken place in the present tense - - yes even if it hasn’t happened yet. Think of it like you are speaking it into existence. You could say “I want to run my own business and work when I want - freedom of time and place.”

  3. Activate Your Senses: Close your eyes and BE in the life that you have in mind. Ask yourself - - How do I feel? What am I wearing? What does it smell like? How am I spending my time? Who am I with..”. Get creative. The more specific you get the better your practice. Don’t forget to write it down.

  4. Check in: Be sure that the life you are envisioning is from a place of love.

  5. Set Clear Intentions: Clarify what it is you are trying to manifest. Sum up your list into a beautiful command for your life.

  6. Gratitude: End with expressing gratitude for the things you already have and all of the things that are to come.

This practice has worked for me in the ways that it

  • Identified what kind of life I really wanted

  • Helped me to stay focused on moving towards that life

  • Made very clear what aspects of my life did not align with my goals

Of course I still had to take action but once I was more clear on my intentions for myself and my family it was an easier decision to stand my ground on. A decision made on purpose.

<3 Shea

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