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Hey, I'm Shea.

And I've been EXACTLY where you are.

I lived in burnout for five years before realizing it. When I did, I quit a six-figure career to start my own business with a mission to save others from the grind.


My mission is to create empathy and trust through vulnerability and authenticity. I want to help those with limitless capacity – that's you, babe – but with limited time and space for themselves.

I want you to find flow, freedom, peace of mind, space, and wholeness. I want you to be complete – who you are supposed to be.

Journal Entry | Jan. 2:

I was a woman bound by her “boss bitch” identity. When reviewing, I was hardly a wife, sister, an aunt, a friend. I was hardly a daughter. I was hardly a granddaughter.

Etching away at what my tombstone could have read if I had passed on two years ago. Attaching myself to all these titles, because that is what we are programmed to do, which I so poorly displayed anyways, “boss” would’ve been the only title that made it.

My time taken up by work and then the rest taken up by "rewarding" myself for a good day or a bad day, with a drink which would turn to three because I could not just have one. 

I was climbing this mountain. A picturesque goal in mind. I made it to the top of that mountain. I looked around and was still unsatisfied - empty.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

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